CrossFit Essentials – The Best Things to Pack in Your CrossFit Bag

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Having joined a CrossFit gym two years ago, I’ve finally decided to share my CrossFit essentials kit list; what’s in my kit bag and why I need it for each class. The list has gradually grown over this time as my CrossFit kit has grown to match my new skill set. Obviously a water bottle, towel and trainers are essential but I thought it would be useful to build out the list below to show the other items I’ve been adding in for each element. CrossFit is generally made up of various movements falling into these three categories – gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning. 

Here’s what I’ve been adding to my bag for each area.

CrossFit Essential Items

The Basics for any CrossFit (or gym) Class

Water Bottle

Needless to say but I’m doing it anyway – it must be plastic free and reusable – its essential in your kit bag! It doesn’t matter which you go for just pic your favourite design and that’s it.

Micro Fiber Towel

Dont be a sweaty betty, do everyone a favour and keep one on you! Light to carry, absorbent, quick drying and easy to wash. (Plus these are also great if you enjoy the odd bit of camping or back packing as they wrap up really tightly into small bundles)

CrossFit MetCon shoes

So yes this is more of an investment but it does make a difference. Metcon shoes have less bounce than your usual running shoes and in a workout which can have you running between box jumps, wall balls and deadlifts in a (elevated!) heartbeat, you want an all round shoe. Having a more solid and flat base is key for enabling   you to lift heavy weights in a deadlift, front squats etc. I have the Reeboks.

Weight Lifting

CrossFit Weightlifting Belt

Initially I just thought these were for the pros but I’ve actually found they make a huge difference in ensuring you have decent back support regardless of what you’re lifting. Go for a Velcro one if possible as these can obviously fit you regardless of how big your lunch was! I always seem in between holes for my buckled one

Wrist Supports

A bit of extra wrist support goes a long way to avoid over  extension when lifting weights. These are also useful for gymnastics when working on the bar too with pull ups or (if you’re a real pro) muscle ups. Full lifting gloves will protect your hands further but sometimes those calluses can be a good thing! Oh and sorry ladies but if you’re a woman the colour options are generally limited to pink – wow! How very progressive. I managed to find these on the right which actually come in back too 🙂

CrossFit Lifters

Another pricey option but if you’re serious about beating your last PB and want some extra oomph then these could give you the edge you need. The raised back means you’re better able to hit your squat putting less pressure on the ankle and shins.



Whether you’re working on the bar practicing knees to chest, toes to bar, kipping or butterfly pull ups…better get ready for some blisters! Building up calluses can help toughen up your hands but during a long work out like Murph (includes 100 pull ups!) having some tape will help get you through it. 

Grip Strengtheners

You doing want to go swinging off the bar so strengthening your grip with these nifty little things is a good idea. Often its your grip which gives out before you arms to pack these in your bag and get them out whenever you have five minutes. Small enough to take anywhere you can even do them on the train on your commute. 

Metabolic Conditioning

Skipping Rope

If you want to get better, buy your own. Make sure its the right length for you and get practicing. Start with a really basic one as a beginner and work your way onto a speed rope. Personally, I use the BeastGear rope on the right here, I like the weight of this one and how easily it is to adjust it without having to actually cut it. As someone who’s only 5′ 2″ being able to shorten them is key and I’ve just never got on with with screw end ropes.

Beginner's rope

Speed rope


Hand held muscle roller

Foam rollers are great for repairing your muscles but this nifty hand held one is my go to option – I keep it in my gym bag and even take it on long haul flights with me.

Grenade Bar

You know I’m a fan of the Carb Killas! Never leave without one in my bag – my reward after all the heard work as they taste great and are a treat to help my muscles recover too!

Exercise Bands

Stretching is so important and working on mobility and individual muscle groups can be helped with these bands. They can used as a workout aid if you want to train at home too but I use these for my rest days in between CrossFit workouts for muscle recovery. 


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