About Us


As a L1 CrossFit trainer and someone who generally prides themselves on their overall health and fitness, I started this site to share my experiences and learnings about training and eating for performance. Whether it’s related to working out, fitness equipment, muscle repair, nutrition or reviewing the latest products, I hope this site will prove useful!


We're a husband and wife team looking to provide useful information to those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We investigate areas of interest in health and fitness so you don't have to. She does the sit ups, he does the sit downs - together we're the perfect team!


Open and Honest - we promise to give our honest opinion - you may disagree with us but you'll always know what we really think.
Fitness for everyone - focusing on health and fitness for everyone not just the extremes.
We're not about weight loss - we don't care what you weigh - health is more than a number on the scales - if you want to be lighter fine but do it in a way that is safe and suitable for your needs.